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8.4.2011: Uploaded new public key and removed outdated information

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At this point I will insert from time to time Mini-HOW-TOs, mostly related to Linux and Serveradministration.

Using smarthosts with exim
A description how to handle multiple smarthosts with exim.

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This section is about linux software and patches.

Patches for mutt
Patches for vhcs
Init script for OpenGroupware (simply untar it under /)

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Here you can find the slides I've used for my talks.

My talk about games under linux at Grazer Linuxtage 04.
Download the slides(in german!) here

The newer slides about games under linux, held at OS04.
Download the new slides(in german!) here

My talk about software raid at Grazer Linuxtage 05 and Linuxwochen Linz 05.
Download the slides(in german!) here

My talk about Backup Manager at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2006.
Slides are available in english and german

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My blog

Security Treff Graz (only in german).

Mika's homepage Very good site. Lots of information about linux tools. Check it out.

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email: jimmy@g-tec.co.at
public key: download here

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